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Jul 11, 2017 stef adams foster, a dedicated police officer, and her wife, lena adams foster, a school vice principal, have built a closeknit, loving family with stefs biological son from a previous. The season consisted of 21 episodes and stars teri polo and sherri saum as stef foster and lena adams, an interracial lesbian couple, who foster a girl maia mitchell and her younger brother hayden byerly while also trying to juggle raising latinx twin. Lena and stef play matchmaker for lenas boss, jude and connor struggle to cope with the shooting, and the fosters take in a. Stef s fathers death is only part of the emotional destruction at play in the foster household. Jude is the son of donald jacob and his nowdeceased wife, colleen jacob, as well as the adoptive son of stef adams foster, and lena adams foster. Jul 30, 20 stef told lenas meddling ex that shed never had to shoot someone and then left the house without kissing lena goodbye or saying i love you. Mike foster good trouble wiki fandom the fosters wiki. Stef informs callie that troy johnson confessed to murdering his grandmother, meaning callies hitandrun case will be tossed out, so callie must be more. What they encounter lands someone in the hospital and changes the foster family forever. In clean, stef is shot in the line of duty and struggles to emotionally recover. Gabe finally turns up at the adams foster house and gets to work.

The fosters is an american drama series on freeform then known as abc family. The episode ends with stef having a flashback of her shooting, showing that she was in fact lying to ia earlier that day. Mar 18, 2016 airing on freeform, the fosters is an american drama series, which follows the lives of lena adams and stef foster, who are an interracial lesbian couple residing in the mission bay area of san diego. Stef was shot in the ribs and almost died in the season one episode vigil, but made a full recovery. He is the fraternal twin brother of mariana and the adoptive brother of brandon, callie, and jude. See more ideas about the fosters, foster family and make a family. Callie losing her necklace callie taking off her necklace. Stef gets angry and demands brandon apologize to mike over the phone. Teenager callie jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive, and foster children. Stefanie marie adams foster nee cooper formerly foster is the daughter of frank cooper and sharon elkin. Her father didnt fully accept her homosexuality, while her mother did.

Jesus adams foster born jesus gutierrez is the biological son of ana gutierrez and gabriel duncroft, as well as, the adoptive son of stef and lena adams foster. Callie and diamond avoid the scuffle in which russell gets shot. The fortnight i episode i the past is only the future with the lights on i lgbt webseries. Theres nothing stef can do as callie gets shipped off to a highsecurity juveniledetention center. This weeks new episode of the fosters, clean gave us one heck of a cliffhanger with stef and mike going into anas house to retrieve jesus resulting in somebody offscreen of course getting shot while that end scene may have made it look like it could be jesus, we have some clues to go by since monday that may be leaning slightly more toward stef. This video is purely fanmade, its done for entertainment purposes only. Because of this, stef had a bit of a strained relationship with him and never got the chance to fully make amends before his death, a. The series follows the lives of lena adams sherri saum and stef foster, the fosters, who are an interracial, lesbian couple living in the mission bay area of san diego, raising stef s biological son, brandon david lambert, along with adopted twins, jesus. Watch full episodes of the fosters and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. The series revolves around an interracial lesbian couple who have both biological and adoptive children together.

The fosters season 3 episode 19 is entitled the show. Dont miss all new episodes of the fosters tuesdays at 87c on freeform. Stef and mike sweep anas house, room by room, the tension reaching near excruciating levels because we know whats coming. Oct 22, 2018 theres a scene from season 3 episode 9 from the fosters that depicts two teenagers, callie and brandon, finally giving in to their unbearable pubescent hormones and sleeping together once and. Meanwhile, stef returns to work, leaving lena riddled with anxiety. With teri polo, sherri saum, hayden byerly, david lambert. Callie quinn adams foster born callie quinn jacob and callie quinn is a main character in the fosters and good trouble, and a recurring character in girls united. I own nothing all clips and music belong to their respective owners. After chasing the wrong criminal, stef finally gets diamonds message and heads to the motel. Vigil is the ninth episode in season 1 of the fosters.

Stef and lena are forced to take more severe measures to keep them apart. When callies probation officer learns of callie and brandons relationship, it poses serious consequences for both teens. Stef gets to ritas housefire before callie gets out. Callie is the oldest biological daughter of robert quinn and the deceased colleen jacob. Feb 11, 2017 dont miss all new episodes of the fosters tuesdays at 87c on freeform. As a teenager, he was an athlete who wrestled to help manage his adhd and. Not every episode of the fosters will be a home run, and the chilling. Russel gets shot as callie and diamond run out of the motel room to see stef in the parking lot. Jun 06, 2018 tonight on freeform their hit drama the fosters returns with an allnew tuesday, june 6, 2018, season 5 episode 22 series finale called, where the heart is conclusion, and we have final the fosters recap below. This weeks new episode of the fosters, clean gave us one heck of a cliffhanger with stef and mike going into anas house to retrieve jesus resulting in somebody offscreen of course getting shot. The episode ends with callie and judes dad showing up and telling them that he loves them.

As per the publication, the promo for the show showed the possibility that stef was shot in the episode, which could presumably make fans nervous. Thr premieres a scene from mondays episode between stef and mariana and jesus biological mother, who reveals brandons illegal bribe. Mariana and jesus deal with the repercussions of their actions. The social worker reveals that the fosters foster license has expired. The first season of the fosters premiered on june 3, 20 and ended on march 24, 2014. She was a dedicated police officer for the san diego police department who took down a number of criminals. She is the stepdaughter of donald jacob and the adoptive daughter of stef and lena adams foster. Stef is also the adoptive mother of mariana, jesus, jude, and callie. Jesus has adhd and was fiercely protective of his twin. Because of this, stef had a bit of a strained relationship with him and never got the chance to fully make amends before his death, a decision she regrets. Stef remembers that when she walked into the room, anas boyfriend immediately shot at her marking the 1st gunshot, giving stef her wound and causing her to fall to the ground. Callies file, as biased as it may be, is just too much to fight. Feb 01, 2015 stef and lena scenes season 1 joan76s.

Jude adams foster born jude jacob is a main character in the fosters. Produced by nuyorican productions, a company owned by jennifer lopez, it first aired in 20. She holds her daughter close, tells her to keep her head down, and. The real present, though, is the shot of stef lying on. While lena tries to process the extent of mariana and jesus lies, stef and mike head to anas to try and find jesus. A recap of the fosters season finale, season 5, episode 22, where the heart is, featuring wedding hijinks, bedtime hearttohearts, and an appearance by hot dad mike. So much on this show is very life and death, so its always nice when an episode focuses on something as mundane as the kids throwing a party when stef and lena. He is the halfbrother of callie and the adopted brother of brandon, jesus and mariana adams foster.

Jan 27, 2014 things unsaid is the thirteenth episode in season 1 of the fosters. Ah, the upside to getting a nail shot into your brain. A recap of freeforms the fosters season5 premiere episode, resist. According to carter matt, the episode will see the actualization of the musical, along with some stunning events resulting from the events on and behind the stage. On tonights series finale episode as per the freeform synopsis, conclusion. While the family waits anxiously for news, tensions rise over the secrets the kids kept from. On the fosters season 4 episode 10, reopening kyles murder case puts callie in danger, while the family continues their efforts to stop the foster care bill. While stef grieves for frank, she also realizes that mikes incident when he shot anas boyfriend is still making waves when a journalist writes an article about it.

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