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Dabur india limited is a leading indian consumer goods company with interests in hair care, oral care,health care, skin care, home care and foods. If a company has 5 product lines and 10 products under each product lines, the length of the mix will be 50 5 x 10. Some add variations of their products to maximize sales. Optimizing marketing spend with marketing mix modeling to understand the impact of each marketing channel on sales, it is essential to create robust marketing mix models. The cover design represents dabur s philosophy of marrying ageold traditional knowledge of ayurveda with modernday science. In this article we will discuss about the rural marketing strategies adopted in india. This report is not aiming at the overall marketing mix or the marketing strategy of. Dabur india list of ecofriendly companies in india. Dabur s products also have a huge presence in the overseas markets and are today available in over 60 countries across the globe. A companys product mix has a certain width, length, depth and consistency.

Dabur amla and vatika naturals are the brands in this category this category includes products such as hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair cream, hair oil treatment, shampoo replacement, mens hair tonic, mens hair cream and kids oil. Bringing together the gentle touch of nature and ayurvedas wisdom. Company, inhouse research ebitda margin to improve by 30bps overall ebitda grew by 16. Jun 25, 2018 length of the product mix refers to the total number of products in the mix. Burman started a health care products manufacturing facility in a small calcutta pharmacy. Company annual report 2014 the most noted products in this division are. The product strategy and mix in reliance industries marketing strategy can be explained as follows.

In addition, the product mix is also very prevalent as sunsilk is able to provide various creations of every product that it has, in terms of smell, usage and other variables. The product class taken for study under specialty product is athletic shoes a nd the brands chosen are. Product line and product mix have direct relationship. Marketing mix of dabur dabur marketing mix and 4 ps of dabur. Dabur product mix 1 free download as powerpoint presentation. A product line refers to a unique product category or product brand a company offers. Strong distribution network and an extensive supply chain 4. Product wise distribution of consumer care division source. Apr 19, 2020 marketing mix of dabur analyses the brandcompany which covers 4ps product, price, place, promotion and explains the dabur marketing strategy. Voted by consumers as the most trusted fruit juice brand for four years in a row. Marketing mix of dabur analyses the brandcompany which covers 4ps product, price, place, promotion and explains the dabur marketing strategy. Dabur india competitors list compare dabur india with its competitors in terms of share price, stock price forecast, trends, charts and more on the economic times. Download as pptx, pdf, txt or read online from scribd.

Master list of fmcg products with top companies india. Buy dabur products online tagged as indias largest manufacturer of ayurvedic medicines and related products, dabur is a household name. Mar 14, 2020 the width of the product mix is equal to the number of product lines within a company. Amazon has a huge offering in its product portfolio in its marketing mix. Product mix concepts depth the depth of the product mix is the assortment of all sizes, colors and variations offered for each product in the product line for example lifebuoy active red comes in three sizes 125 gms,100 gms and 60 gms cakes consistency. The number of product lines refers to width of product mix. To market the products in broadest sense every company needs to create a successful mix of right product at right price at the right place through right promotion. The length of a product mix refers to the total number of items in the mix. Read this article to get information on marketing mix. Dabur has launched a fullfledged advertising campaign. Apr 08, 2020 a product mix is a group of everything a company sells. The products of dabur are marketed in more than 50 countries worldwide. However with a large product portfolio in the market, dabur had to maintain operational efficiency. To illustrate, all the soaps, personal care, toiletries, shaving creams, talcum powder, liquid detergents, and baby care products constitute godrejs product mix.

A product mix is a group of everything a company sells. Fmcg is the fourth largest sector in the indian economy and provides employment to around three million people accounting for. The marketing mix of dabur discusses the 4 psis one of one of the leading companies in india which deals with products that are ayurvedic in nature. There are different products that cadbury offers in different countries and the decision to sell which product in what country is based on the demographic factors, production costs, demand fluctuation, and competition presence. Product mix decisions width, length, depth and consistency. Buy dabur food products online in india at best prices. The creative rendition used represents the strong linkage between science and ayurveda, which forms an integral aspect for all products of dabur. Strategic approach to entering a new international market. For example, patanjali deals in different categories of products which include shampoo, flour, toothpaste, etc. Cadbury offers a wide range of products and has a strong depth and width of the product mix. Hajmola, pudin hara and triphala churana grew at 17.

Dabur, fmcg sector, strategy, innovative technology, marketing. Dabur all products list dabur product offers cashback rs. Machine product 1 2 3 a 12 8 5 b 7 9 10 c 8 4 7 d 10 0 3 e 7 11 2 each machine is available 128 hours per week. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of pudin hara pearls and pudin hara liquid jln sastry, sd pandey, anurag vats, sasibhushan vedula, sunil kumar head, healthcare research dabur research and development centre, 22, site iv, sahibabad, ghaziabad, uttar pradesh, india. Strong brand image and product development strength of dabur. Companies diversify for several reasons and in several ways. Product is something like the heart in the human body.

Fastmoving consumer goods fmcg or consumer packaged goods cpg are products that are sold quickly and have the quickly short shelf life. In order to cater to a wider audience, dabur decided to reposition itself as an fmcg company with a herbal plank, moving away from its earlier image of an ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Among the personal care products, although hair care contribution is the highest 28. A product mix is a total of all groups of products.

Its brands are highly popular in the middle east, saarc countries, africa, us, europe and russia. Dabur india limited is indias leading fmcg company with interests in health care, personal care and foods. Apr 20, 2020 dabur india strengths below are the strengths in the swot analysis of dabur india. Product mix width, length, depth, consistency with examples.

A project report on dabur marketing mix surajmal agarwal private kanya mahavidyalaya. A meaningful improvement in consumer off take is a positive, and could reflect in dabur s. Chapter 4 introduction of product planning product planning is the continuing process of identifying and asserting market demands and requirements that characterize a products feature set. Dabur has an excellent product diversification in healthcare, oral care, food, personal care, home care etc. In order to convey a new vibrancy, the company has adopted new product offerings and new packaging. Also, you can add more pdfs to combine them and merge them into one single document. A product line is a group of closely related products with similar functions, customer groups, outlets and same price ranges. Product planning serves as the basis for decisions about promotion, price and distribution.

The concept of creating a product mix is important to companies that dont want to rely on one product only. At last, the consistency of a product mix is the close relationship between different product lines. Dabur india limited the world leader in ayurvedic products. The product classes taken for study under shopping product is colour televisi ons and the brands chosen. Dabur india limited dabur corporate office, kaushambi, sahibabad, ghaziabad201010 u. Dabur, indias oldest and the largest ayurvedic company uses to be among the top three fmcg business. The example of nike product line includes, footwear, apparel and sports equipment and every product line have similar products what is product mix. Reliance industries is one of the biggest conglomerates in india. A meaningful improvement in consumer off take is a positive, and could reflect in daburs. In 1896, as a result of growing popularity of dabur product. For example, a car wash might offer a quick drivethrough wash for people looking to spend only a few dollars, a hand. Some fmcgs such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. Dabur s overseas revenues stand at over rs 500 crore in the 200809 fiscal, accounting for about 20% of the total. A product mix is an important consideration for any firm.

Identified as the most trusted brand offering healthcare consumer products to its patrons, this brand backed by a history of 2 years has risen to become a promising multiproduct indian name. Dabur india limited is indias leading fmcg company with interests in health care, personal care. Dabur india competitors list compare dabur india quotes. However, the product line is a subset of the product mix. Dabur launched an aggressive gotomarket strategy with both sarson amla hair oil and anmol coconut oil, through a mix of aggressive pricing, distribution expansion and entry into new geographies. A project report on daburmarketing mix surajmal agarwal private kanya mahavidyalaya. Fake products sold under the name of their brands 2. The following are the products in the marketing mix strategy offered by dabur globally. Product mix strategy home care home care hair care skin care personal care foods 5. Jul 26, 2012 a companys product mix has a certain width, length, depth and consistency. Although product mix problems are seldom encountered in their simple textbook form in practice, they very frequently constitute important. Fmcgs have a short period of life, either due to high consumer demand or because the product deteriorates rapidly. Product mix and product line understanding product length.

Mar 20, 2019 the marketing mix of dabur discusses the 4 psis one of one of the leading companies in india which deals with products that are ayurvedic in nature. Doc a project report on daburmarketing mix surajmal. Thus, taking the above example, if there are 4 product lines within the company, and 10 products within each product line, than the product line width is 4 only. Product line depth refers to the number of versions offered of each product in the line. Dabur demerged its pharma business in 2003 and hived it off into a separate company, dabur pharma ltd. The marketing mix of dabur discusses the 4 psis one of one of the leading companies in india which deals with products that are ayurvedic in. Before turning to the product mix decisions, we first have to know what the product mix actually is. Burman set up dabur in 1884 in calcutta to produce and dispense ayurvedic medicines. Understanding the basics of a product mix will help you understand why it is so important to your organization. The origin of dabur can be traced back to 1884 when dr. The product amazon is the website and the apps which offers different types of goods for consumers. Pepsico product line delopment is closely relates to product mix because when product line is big then company product mix also developed. Product mix or product assortment is a set of total number of products lines that a seller offers in the market to its.

Dabur india limited sushmita saxena 464 theta 20162018 2. This sector has a wide collection of the products in their umbrella and consumer consumes daily basis. Playing in the economy segment with rs 10 offerings, both brahmi amla hair oil and. The product mix, also called product portfolio, is the set of all product lines and items that a company offers for sale.

Daburs fmcg portfolio includes five flagship brands with distinct brand identities dabur as the master brand for natural healthcare products, vatika for premium personal care, hajmola for digestives, real for fruit juices and beverages and fem for fairness bleaches and skin. Dabur, the brand name, is associated with trust and its products have helped the company to become a household name. The company has a wide product basket, along with a balanced mix of both urban and rural markets. Each product requires time on each of three machines in the following manner figures in minutesunit. Dabur india weaknesses here are the weaknesses in the dabur india swot analysis. Thus, product line width is a depiction of the number of product lines which a company has. Dabur india swot analysis top dabur india competitors. Dabur corporate profile august 2012 sale in indian sub continent in rs. This dimension of the product mix represents the extent to which the activities of the firm are diversified. Reliance industries has invested into several sectors and it contributes 20 % of indias exports. Product mix dabur free download as powerpoint presentation.

To merge pdfs or just to add a page to a pdf you usually have to buy expensive software. It offers the ability to expand your customer base by offering more products in more niches. The astrocosmo problem considered earlier is an example. Dabur chyawanaprash, dabur honey and dabur glucose. The companys strategy is to pursue a strong growth path with increasing focus on. In simple terms, a product is anything that satisfies human want customers and includes product quality, features, benefits, design, style, colour, brand, services, and warranties. Discuss product mix for dabur within the marketing management forums, part of the publish upload project or download reference project category. In addition, details of the strategy of dabur nepal, problems of its marketing strategy and product line will be. Dabur has products present in over 60 c0untries and distribution through 5000 distributors and 3 million outlets 2. A successfully implemented marketing mix model can calculate the roi of past investments. Product mix shikha pankaj kamboj abhishek kalla nahid siddique juhily tandav dabur o dabur india limited is a leading indian consumer goods company with a turnover of rs. Complete details on the products manufactured and sold by dabur india ltd. Unilever, no date the core product that the customer is buying is clean and healthy hair.

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